Issue 96

Cover Story, Eric Kukucka pg. 8. Story by Jenn McMullan and photos by Trevor Booth.

Eric Kukucka Working With Your Dentist

Eric Kukucka has something to smile about, at 26. He’s been published numerous times in prominent dental magazines. He’s lectured throughout North America as a key opinion leader for one of the world’s largest dental materials companies. Was a finalist for the 2014 Chambers of Commerce Business Excellence Award for rising leader of the year. He is also a mentor for entrepreneurial success for the downtown Windsor business accelerator, in which he also sits on their board. To top it off, as of this September, is proud new owner of The Denture Center.

Kukucka, a licensed denturist, has been the man behind thousands of Windsorites smiles for over four years now and he’s only just getting started.

“A denturist is a specialist in the fit and fabrication of complete, partial and implant dentures,” said Kukucka. “With todays advancements in dentistry they don’t look like denture teeth anymore, they look like natural teeth. So you don’t have to have a denture that looks like a denture anymore.” Kukucka worked as an associate denturist at a thriving practice for four years, until recently venturing off to create a new concept and avenue of denturism in Windsor.

“What gave me the opportunity was working in a place for four years, and having a great foundation for going out on my own,” he said. “What I’ve created with The Denture Center is something that I believe is missing. It’s collaborative care, and we do this through an intricate communication system called the dental professionals’ program. The Denture Center works collaboratively with dentists, oral surgeons and any other dental professional to ensure that the patient is getting the highest level of dental care.”

Kukucka said one of the ways they’re able to provide the best care is by having our onsite lab directly in our facility.

“The advantage of having the on-site lab is working directly with the patient,” said Kukucka. “Any changes that need to be made or adjusted on the dentures, either before or after, you can go back to the lab and make all those changes on the spot. Things happen, dentures can break, dentures can crack, teeth can chip, or teeth can pop off. At the denture center we offer repairs while you wait and Saturday morning emergency repair service. When you’re in a pinch or have to go to work or a function to attend, we can take care of those things right away.”

Having the availability to solve issues instantly is something essential to the success of the clinic. “Many clients have apprehensions and fears when it comes to dentures,“ Kukucka said. “We offer complimentary consultations where we will sit with you one on one and discuss all of your wants and needs.”

“When you’re dealing with people that have dentures they have a lot of worries,” he said. “Because a denture is a prosthetic replacement for natural teeth, it’s similar to a prosthetic leg. A denture is a hand made product, there’s nothing that’s done by automated machines, it’s hand crafted. At times due to the bone resorbing (shrinking) dentures can become ill fitting and loose. This is where The Denture Center works collaboratively with local dentists and oral surgeons to provide patients with implant treatment options. The all on 4 permanent teeth in a day offers the highest patient satisfaction because within 5 hours you can have permanent teeth that are exactly like your own!

Kukucka says it’s an honour to have JB on my team. Jim is still welcoming his patients to our practice! He has been practicing as a Denturist at the current location since January 1978. Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Denture Center.

Aside from having the interpersonal care and interaction that sets them apart, the clinic has the latest advancements in the denturist industry.

“The latest technology that we have is the areas only IvoBase Precision Processing System. This is a machine that uses patent thermal heat processing so that the denture base which accounts for 75 per cent of the denture, the plastic portion, offers the most accurate fitting surface to the tissue further more is the most bacteria, stain and odour resistant acrylic.”

“People have that fear of implants or even getting new dentures,” he said. “With new teeth and the best technology it can be much better than what people have. The collaborative team approach with the dentists or oral surgeon placing implants with today’s technology can be relatively painless this has lead to our patients being extremely satisfied.”

Kukucka is able to maintain an edge on the technology in denturism, through his role as a key opinion leader for Ivoclar Vivadent. Ivoclar is one of the world’s largest dental material manufacturers and a global leader in innovative esthetic dentistry. Kukucka, who has presented lectures and published articles for Ivoclar, considers working with the company his biggest success over the last year.

“I’ve lectured across North America on their dental materials, and worked very closely with this company on beta testing products. When it comes to quality, service and innovation Ivoclar Vivadent is second to NONE. As an opinion leader I get to test products and give an opinion on products before they hit the market. Lecturing to other denturists that have been in this business 30, 40 years longer than me, is very gratifying!

He said the biggest success overall is knowing that he’s made a difference in someone’s day-to-day life.

“It’s a very close personal relationship because you’re dealing with something that is very psychological. It’s not something that’s very easy to talk about or deal with. People come back and say you’ve changed my life, I’ve never had a set of dentures that fit, feel and work so well. Their quality of life has improved and I’ve changed their smile, that’s why our slogan is, it’s more than a denture, it’s your smile’”

Having an impact on someone’s life is something that’s always been important to Kukucka. He’s helped support organizations such as the Special Olympics, Transition to Betterness and In Honour of the Ones We Love.

Following along this path he’s a mentor for entrepreneurial success with Coalition 12, to help educate beginner entrepreneur tenants of the downtown business accelerator. In the late winter/early spring Kukucka will be opening the new location of The Denture Center. Located at 2601 Lauzon Parkway, Suite 750. The new location is easily accessible from the E.C. Row Expressway. Kukucka will be welcoming all existing and new patients and looks forward to continuing to provide the highest level of collaborative care through the dental professionals program. The Denture Center will also provide educational training centre to provide education to local and out of town dental professionals.

Part of his route to success was seeing the positive instead of the negative of his surroundings. Kukucka saw Windsor’s high retirement rate as a potential for great job security and growth in the community.

“I get to go to work everyday and do what I love, this is where I found my niche,” he said. “I think a lot of people take Windsor for granted, and what it truly has to offer. I grew up here, this is where I came from and there’s been a lot of very successful people in this community. I just want to see the city come back to where it once was and continue to do whatever I can to make Windsor a better place to want to live, work and be a part of.”

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