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Issue 110 - Dish Delish

Taking Care of Your Health Everyday By Using All Natural Ingredients

We’ve all done it -- enjoyed a restaurant meal that was healthy and delicious, and gone home thinking, “If I could eat like that all the time, I’d never have to worry about my weight again!”

That dream has become a reality thanks to

The brainchild of renowned Windsor chefs, Ahron Goldman and Jonathan Reaume—both Red Seal Chefs and certifed food handlers—Dish Delish is Essex County’s online portal to healthy eating.

Reacting to a market where consumers are consistently seeking healthier food options, Ahron and Jonathan have brought together their 64 combined years of food industry experience to prepare fresh, healthy meals delivered right to customers’ homes.

“The simple fact is, you can workout all you want,” Ahron explains, “but at the end of the day, nutrition plays a huge role for people who want to lose pounds or maintain a healthy weight.” offers dozens of meals to satisfy virtually any palate. Restaurant-quality meals, such as Grilled Albacore Tuna, Broccoli Beef Stir Fry, Grass Fed Steak, Cilantro Lime Chicken are available for under $10 each. There is vegan meatloaf, Vegan Pad Thai, Mediterranean Sea Bass, and many others.

Ingredients are locally sourced and all-natural. Dish Delish works with suppliers they have used for decades, who provide fresh vegetables and grass-fed beef that have been kept well away from hormones and antibiotics.

“Another key to eating well is right-sized meals,” Ahron explains. “The meals from Dish Delish are right-sized. They arrive at the customer’s door with all the ingredients listed, as well as nutrition, heating and serving instructions.”

Healthy snacks, such as Protein Balls and a Nut Snack Mix, are also on offer, as well as premium locally made juices, courtesy of the Pulp & Press Juice Co. of London, Ontario. Four pounds of fruit goes into each bottle of juice, some of which have names like Hulk 2.0, Beta Blaster, Lemon Sherbet and Turbo.

How does it work?

Foodies can pull out their laptops, tablets or phones and go to where a cornucopia of meal options soon appears onscreen.

“We make all the meals ourselves and our delivery day is every Friday,” Ahron says. “If you want your order for the Friday delivery, you must get it to us by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. That gives us time to buy the ingredients and put the meals together.”

The minimum order is $69 and delivery is free. The ordering process is easy – just add items to your cart. All ingredients, preparation instructions and nutrition data accompanies each item on the website. At the end of the ordering process, a code pops up and customers are encouraged to email this to friends. As friends use the code when placing their orders, customers accrue points in their account, which can be used toward future purchases.

“We delivery to Kingsville, LaSalle, Amherstburg, anywhere in Essex County,” say Ahron. “And Ontario-wide delivery is coming.”

The secret to Dish Delish’s success—having started up at the beginning of this summer, Ahron and Jonathan have already flled hundreds of orders—is their cook/chill process.

“Food has to look good if people are going to eat it, “Ahron says. “You can tell someone how tasty and nutritious a meal is, but if it doesn’t look good, they aren’t going to eat it. Our process keeps all the food fresh and looking as it did the moment we prepared it.”

The knowledge base behind Dish Delish goes beyond superior presentation and packaging – Jonathan and Ahron know what foods to combine to give the body the best boost.

“Brown rice provides the most benefcial carbs,” Ahron explains. “One meal we offer is served with butternut squash. A friend who was taste-testing for us early on asked if we could switch that to cauliflower for her meal. We didn’t because the butternut squash was specifcally chosen—not only for its flavour—but for how the body breaks it down and uses it with the rest of the meal. Tremendous thought and planning went into each dish we offer.”

Far from being a luxury, the prices on the Dish Delish are quite reasonable. Where else can you get a Toscana-caliber entrée for less than $10? More than that, the convenience-factor is a real consideration for people and families with busy lifestyles–Dish Delish meals arrived pre-cooked and need only be heated and served. These meals are great for elderly people still living in their own homes. Family members can be sure they are eating balanced meals that require a bare minimum of time at the stove. For busy families, the ready-made meals means less food preparation time and potentially a little less grocery shopping during the week.

So, why would two veteran restaurateurs develop a business that focuses on customers eating at home?

“Jonathan and I had just come off a very busy time,” Ahron explains. “Toscana was doing great, and we had both taken on consulting jobs. We were looking for a new challenge. There have never been more foodies in the city, and we were interested in fnding a new way of serving customers at their homes without actually catering.”

Before they even had a menu, Dish Delish secured space in an undisclosed Walkerville location where all they prepare all of their meals. “It’s a perfect setup,” says Ahron. “We have access to a professional kitchen. We work in the morning and the owner of the kitchen needs it in the evening.”

Developing the Dish Delish menu and preparation techniques required a great deal of experimentation.

“The hardest part at frst,” Ahron explains, “was getting our volunteers to actually leave the meals in the fridge for the seven to nine days, to test the freshness. Everyone wanted to eat everything at once. But we took great pains to ensure that meals still looked and tasted great after a week in the fridge.”

There were hits and misses—but many more hits.

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