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On The Cover: Danny Thomas from Precision Jewellers 50th Anniversary Celebration - Photo by Trevor Booth. Tuxedo provided by Monty Formal Wear, 519-258-3522.

Issue 100 - Our 100th Issue - What A Ride

Please enjoy our milestone 100th issue of The Drive Magazine. What a ride it has been!

Much has transpired since our first issue. Here in the City of Windsor, the new arena was finally built; the new aquatic centre – something not even on the radar when the first issue of the Drive premiered – has been open since 2013; and of course the new 11 kilometer Herb Gray Parkway leading to the new river crossing has been completed, at least to the point of waiting now for the bridge to be built. Officials say the bridge will be open by 2020.

Meanwhile, in the years since the 1st issue of The Drive Magazine, Tecumseh’s Golden Girl, Danielle Campo would win three gold (and a silver) medals in Australia, Eddie Francis would become mayor of Windsor; Chrysler would celebrate the 20th anniversary of the mini van and the Windsor Spitfires would win back-to-back Memorial Cups.

Internationally from post 9/11 to the second Gulf War to Katrina; from the ecological and environmental disasters around the world; to the inhumanity in Africa and the Middle East the planet continues to spin in radical ways.

All the while, the electronic age has been whirling even more uncontrollably. When the first issue of The Drive appeared we werestill using floppy discs and social media sites like facebook and twitter didn’t yet exist.

Through-out the years The Drive Magazine has always been dedicated to providing our readers with stories from our communities. We focus on local citizens and businesses. We spotlight the popular local events and activities that take place through-out the year and bring in local experts for articles on health, wealth, fashion, technology, automotive and music. We give you tasty choices for dining out and delicious recipes for home. We have brought you personal interviews with rock and roll legends such as Ian Anderson, Hollywood stars such as Colm Feore and Fred Willard, Canadian literary legend Margaret Atwood and our own local Superbowl champion, Luke Willson. And cover to cover The Drive Magazine is graced with stunning pictorials and sensational photographs laid out beautifully in our distinctive, glossy, black and white (or white and black and sometimes grey) style.

As a business we are proud to have remained current these many years, statistically speaking most businesses fail within the first five years. But it has been our relationship within the community, the support of our advertisers and our dedicated readers that have sustained us and it is what aspires us towards the next 100 issues. For this, our 100th issue we wanted to spotlight a few of our former cover shots, we checked in to see what’s going on today, to see what has or hasn’t changed in their respected lives, businesses and careers and we begin with one of the most reputable and respected attorneys – in the entire country – Patrick Ducharme.

“Not much has changed in the life of Patrick Ducharme since he appeared on the cover of The Drive.” Patrick writes in a correspondence to The Drive. He and wife Janice have been married now for 44 years and their two adult sons, Stephen and Michael are successful businessmen in Panama City. Today Janice continues to be actively involved in the community, volunteering for numerous humanitarian groups and despite the distance between Windsor and the Republic of Panama she and Patrick remain actively involved in their sons’ lives.

Not much has changed in the life of Patrick Ducharme during the last decade or so perhaps because the life and career of this preeminent and highly regarded criminal defence lawyer is already impressively stuffed with accolades and accomplishments.

Patrick continues to participate actively as a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. The call to fellowship in the College is by special invitation only, an honour and distinction of the highest order, bestowed upon those few, exceptional trial lawyers in the United States and Canada whose art of advocacy and whose standards of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility, and collegiality are judged to be models to be emulated by the lawyer population at large in any state or province. Fellowship is a rare and exclusive privilege. It can never extend to more than 1% of the total number of lawyers in any state or province.

He sits on the Colleges’ committee for the “Teaching of Trial and Appellate Advocacy.” He has been a member of that committee for three years. He is also an active member of the Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association (“the CLA”). Patrick is the present vice president of the Ontario CLA. The CLA represents approximately 1500 defence lawyers in Ontario.

Most importantly, it intervenes regularly on important cases decided in the Supreme Court of Canada. Patrick is the Chair of the CLA Interventions Committee. The Interventions Committee decides which cases are important enough to seek intervener status. Patrick has argued in the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of the CLA.

Patrick continues to be listed annually in the “Best Lawyers in Canada” a publication by Woodward and White in both the United States and Canada. He was first selected as one of the best lawyers in Canada in 2008. He remains a sessional lecturer in Criminal Procedure and Trial Advocacy at the University of Windsor Law School. He has published three scholarly books on the law in these areas. The most recent is “Criminal Practice and Procedure 2016” which is a definitive guide to understanding procedural, evidentiary and substantive criminal law principles.

He has taught approximately 70 courses at the law school over more than 30 years. He has expanded his trial region to cases in all cities between Windsor and Ottawa. He recently completed a case before a jury in Toronto that lasted almost a full year. As a consequence, he opened an office in Toronto that allows for easier access to cases in the greater metropolitan Toronto area.

He practices exclusively in the field of criminal defence work. His practice is varied and challenging. He says that he loves his work as much today as he did 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, over at the world-renown Windsor Laser Eye Institute, Dr. Fouad Tayfour has expanded his practice, opening new Ontario offices in Barrie and Burlington.

He continues to provide scientific-leading treatments for Presbyopia and Keratoconus; blade free Lasik (using Interlase) and has opened a state-of-the-art private cataract surgery centre using Victus Laser Platform.

Since 2004 Dr. Tayfour has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions and dedication to the community, he has been awarded several distinctions including:

Windsor Regional Hospital, Western Campus was renamed
Tayfour Campus (2011)
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012)
The Believe Windsor Award (2012) – Windsor Essex Region, Business Excellence Award
Herb Gray Champion Award (2013) – Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County
The Windsor Roseland Rotary Club Vocational Service Award
The American/Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Award

On a personal note, Fouad and wife Lisa are today proud parents of three sons.

Darren Luck, (First Vice-President, Financial Adviser, Luck Financial Group/CIBC Wood Gundy), was celebrating the birth of his first child and providing financial strategies for Merrill Lynch when he was featured on the cover of the Drive.

“The article appeared shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks in New York.” He said. “After those attacks Merrill Lynch subsequently pulled out of Canada and we were acquired by Wood Gundy, the investment arm of CIBC bank” Darren noted that in 2002 the Canadian dollar was valued at $0.62 American. By 2007 the dollar had soared to above PAR and today it has dropped back to $0.75 American. Meanwhile, Darren also pointed out that in 2003 the price of oil was $35. a barrel. In 2007 the price had boiled up to $145. and today it is simmering at $45. We experienced a global financial meltdown, Merrill Lynch, Lehmon, Bear Sterns and AIG, firms that have survived the past 100 years went bankrupt in 2007.

“The 12 years since the article appeared have been one of the most challenging investment climates in history,” Darren said, adding, “but business has been good.”

Darren attributes this success to his extensive experience and durable investment strategies.

“Over the past 25 years I have fine tuned a proven investment process. A sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability, experience and wisdom to keep emotions in check.” He said.

“Experience has taught me to invest in things that make sense, generate regular income, predictable returns and to be very frugal in the terms of price and fees associated with any investment.”

Darren said despite the instabilities in the financial markets and the “challenging investment climates” during the last decade his investment philosophy including matching the right investors with the right investments has, “served our clients well and portfolios have done well through all of the turmoil.”

To achieve investment success can be simple but isn’t easy, “since 2001 the Canadian and U.S. stock markets have crashed twice but they have also more than doubled in value over that time frame.” Darren constantly studies Markets and travels extensively to bring world best practice investment solutions to his clients in Windsor.

It has been the personal and dedicated service to his clients that has been key. “Our first priority are our existing clients.” He said. “We do everything to safeguard and protect them including managing our own time, energy and resources to ensure nothing distracts us from servicing them.”

One service Darren saw as being sadly inadequate was the client’s ability to track their investments.

“Canadian banks dominate our market and are the among the safest in the world which should give great comfort to any Canadian Investor. Assets are safe but I also believe clarity brings confidence and the financial industry has done a terrible job of reporting or articulating how people’s investments are doing in a way they can understand.” He explained. “Everything seems to be increasingly complicated and this is especially true in matters of money and finance. I found this to be unacceptable – there needed to be better clarification – and I decided to work on a solution.”

Darren engaged his clients asking them what was the most important information to them regarding money and investment and what would be the best way to deliver that data. From these conversations and over the last 12 years Darren developed a state of art “performance reporting and planning software” called Wealth Tracks.

“I am especially proud of the development and implementation of this robust but convenient resource.” He said. “This one page Wealth Tracks report conveys everything any client needs to truly understand regarding how there investments are doing and whether everything is on track.”

Darren added, “clients absolutely love it and it is now a best practices in performance reporting.”

A few other noteworthy events for Darren since his cover story, in 2007 he and his team achieved a significantly important milestone, managing more than quarter billion dollars for their clients. In 2014, in recognition of not only his financial acumen but also his progressive and proven strategies Darren was named one of the top 50 financial advisers in the entire country.

There was one other amazing event that occurred during this time, well, actually it has been ten years now since the birth of Darren’s second child, a son and a brother to his now 13 year old daughter. At Martindale Windows and Doors Ltd. Company president Len Martindale said business has improved significantly since his cover story, and since the 2008 recession. Actually Len has been so busy he did not have time to talk to us but he sent us a short e-mail in which he said The Drive Magazine has been a “contributing force” in his company’s continuing success and we would like to thank Len for his support.

In his e-mail Len said “Our sales have doubled and we have hired seven new staff.”

In addition he said they have upgraded their production facility with new automated equipment.

One of the biggest changes in the industry over the past decade Len said have been the technological improvements in fibreglass and composite doors and the expanded colour palate for vinyl windows. “We used to be only able to offer three exterior vinyl colours.” Said Len. “And the interior was only available in white. Now we have eight exterior colours and three interior colour choices. We also produce a vinyl laminate wood grain which can be stained or painted.” Len said the technological advances in fibreglass and composite doors over the last ten years has dramatically increased their use and popularity.

“We can now make doors 42” wide and eight feet tall.”

Len said, adding “and the designed locking system bolts the door at the top, middle and bottom which is not only great for security, the system helps ensure the overall integrity of the door.”

Finally, Dr. David Mady has come a long way since he was our featured story in 2004. He has partnered with dentalcorp, opened a new dental office with new associates and continues to be involved in our community.

In 2008, he opened a second office in Belle River (Lakeshore) and joining him in his commitment to growth and excellence are four new associates: Dr. Paul Smith; Dr. Miguel Garcia; Dr. Peter Siedlakowski and Dr. Elie Rizk.

In 2012 he was partnered with dentalcorp, the largest network of dental practices in Canada. Through this partnership, Dr Mady and his team have access to world-class support and resources that allows them to focus their energy on doing what they love – delivering optimal patient care.

Dr. Mady is a man who has always shown his dedication to the community. Staff and doctors have participated in the Dragon Boat Races, The Annual Bob Probert Memorial Ride and the Transition to Betterness. On Saturday September 19th this year Dr. Mady and his staff held a patient and community appreciation barbeque in Belle River, celebrating almost eight years in Lakeshore. Also, Dr. Mady is the official team doctor for our two-time NBL Champions, the Windsor Express.

Much has changed for Dr. Mady since his cover story eleven years ago but what has not changed is his professional and devoted service to the people of Windsor/Essex. Dr. Mady, his associates and staff offer all aspects of family and cosmetic services including full comprehensive dental exams; periodontal scaling; extractions; surgical and prosthetic phase of dental implants, porcelain crowns, veneers and metal-free bridges; full and partial dentures and root canal treatment.

There are so many other people, businesses and organizations we owe our gratitude in helping us reach our own milepost, this 100th issue of The Drive Magazine. We want to thank everyone for sharing their stories with us and sharing their celebrations, their successes and sorrows. Thanks to the people who have helped us bring notice of events, products, services, treatments and trends – the stuff of life – that impact everyone in our community. As we look ahead to the next 100 issues we are ever mindful of our responsibility to continue to bring stories, portraits, profiles and insights from and about the people in Windsor/Essex and, as best we can, we hope to provide a source of entertainment, a source of information, enlightenment and maybe even inspiration. Thank you everyone.

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