Issue 111

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Issue 108 - A Conversation and 20 Questions With Todd Lindsay

Built from the embers of a hobby that began over two decades ago, Todd Lindsay Designs has ignited into a full-fledged second career. Todd Lindsay is an independent custom furniture builder using repurposed, locally sourced materials and hardware, creating designs with local history in every piece. We sat down with the man behind the smooth edges, to get to know the designer behind the signature look.

1) How did you get involved in woodworking?

I got a job working with an older guy who custom made entry doors. At the time I didn’t know anything about woodworking, and he was retiring and leaving the trade so he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes.

2) What was the first piece you ever designed?

The first one I did was a craftsman style bed frame. The idea that I could make unique items out of wood fascinated me. The fact that you can take different kinds of wood and bend it, twist it, it’s endless what you can create with it.

3) Do you have a favourite song or type of music you listen to when you’re doing woodworking?

I crank music when I do wood working, it actually ranges from old school rap music to Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin. It’s pretty much across the board, whatever comes up.

4) Where do you draw the most inspiration from?

I tend to take a lot of time looking at magazines and any kind of pictures I can find. Then I take a design I might like and take different aspects of it that I like and try and put my own twist on them.

5) When you lack inspiration what methods do you use to get the ideas flowing?

It’s really funny because I haven’t really lacked inspiration. I have so many things I keep on my phone and a lot of things I just keep inside my head. I know it sounds weird, but I keep them in my head and they just pop up all the time.

6) What would you say you love most about designing or woodworking?

I think the best thing is the creativity of it, you’re free to take creative liberty. Most of my clients leave it up to me, so it’s kind of a freedom to create. You’re creating furniture pieces with certain people in mind because that’s who they’re for, but often times clients say the phrase “do what you do.” I don’t know if I’m a woodworker that’s an artist or an artist that’s a woodworker, it’s kind of a blurry line.

7) For next season what trends should people keep an eye out for?

The whole reclaimed furniture trend has been going on for a few years now. Its nothing brand new, but a lot of people still like it because they like the idea of recycling. All the magazine looks so far are still a lot of reclaimed touches, even in modern houses you’ll have a raw table in the middle of a contemporary house or design. I tend to do a lot of plain type industrial looks, I think that’s still going to be around for the next little while at least.

8) Where are some of the places around the world your furniture could be seen?

I’ve built furniture for people in Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, all across the United States from Los Angeles to New York and all over Canada.

9) Vintage or custom made?

Well since I’m doing custom furniture I better say custom made, how about custom made with a vintage look.

10) If you could have your furniture displayed anywhere in the world where would you say and why?

I have stuff in New York and L.A. and I’ve been to restaurants in Chicago where some of my stuff has been, so maybe a five star restaurant in New York. I have some pieces in some celebrity homes, which is pretty cool, but I don’t really think about that when I’m creating.

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