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Issue 109 - Syles Mechanical Services Ltd

Most of us give little thought to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in our homes, businesses and offices, that is, until something goes wrong and a system fails. Life can quickly become miserable if our water heater or boiler fails, intolerable if our air-conditioning doesn’t work and during our frigid winter months, how could we survive without our furnace? Meanwhile, leaking water pipes cost money and cause damage; electrical problems can pose potential fire hazards; and the quality of the indoor air we breathe will depend on the proper functioning of our HVAC systems and the expertise of the technicians who install and maintain these units.

No, most of us do not think about such things but the quality and comfort of our lives at home and our ability to function productively at work are adversely affected when any of these services are lost or interrupted. When this happens, we need professional help, we need to call in a contractor we can trust. A dependable, respected company with the technical knowledge and experience to cater to our specific needs. In Southwestern Ontario, a family run business, Syles Mechanical Services Limited, has been providing these invaluable services for 50 years.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Syles Enterprises Ltd. first opened for business in 1967. The company was founded by Sylvio Lesperance Sr. working out of the barn on his family farm – doing sheet metal work – just outside the city limits. He had one truck and one employee and a generous portion of drive and ambition. His skills and abilities soon elevated his company in the eyes of his customers and competitors but the developing success of Syles grew on Sylvio’s expanding network of loyal customers and business partners, a formula the company continues to apply today. And from these humble, uncertain beginnings, Syles has grown into a fullservice mechanical contractor with 40 employees and a fleet of service vehicles.

Much has changed in these 50 years since Sylvio Sr. started cutting, bending and shaping sheet metal in the family barn and Syles has evolved with these dynamic times. In 1988 Sylvio Sr. turned the family business over to his son Sylvio Jr. who saw great opportunities in expanding the company’s operations to include Heating-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems and focusing more on residential projects.

In 1994 Sylvio Jr. partnered with Grant Higginbottom who brought invaluable knowledge and experience to the company and the business continued to succeed. In 2000, the two partners decided to expand their operations again and provide qualified and fully licensed electrical and plumbing services. Jeff O’Brien came aboard to help facilitate the company’s evolution into a “fullservice mechanical contractor” and in 2003, to better reflect the comprehensive services they now provided the company change the name to Syles Mechanical Services Limited.

Being a full service business is a vital dimension of Syles Mechanical’s company structure, as is their longstanding and valued relationship with many local companies. Their network has continued to grow from the seeds planted 50 year ago and the company continues to expand and advance their services by working productively together with other commercial and residential service providers.

In 2012 Syles partnered with EnerCare, a major supplier of rental water heaters, furnaces and air-conditioners. EnerCare also offers plumbing services, home water-treatment solutions and provides HVAC protection plans. Teaming up with EnerCare allowed Syles to further augment their existing services, providing more options and more products for their customers. Doug Garrod oversees these operations for Syles.

Considering most of us have been renting hot water heaters all our lives, the option to rent furnaces and air-conditioners is a logical move and it is certainly a more convenient option for customers who might not have the financial ability to immediately pay for a new furnace or air-conditioner. Also, investing in a program to protect our HVAC system might be something worth consideration, especially in the homes and offices where the continual replacing/exchanging of the indoor air matters the most. And for situations where there is too much moisture (a major cause of wood rot and mold) or maybe the air is just plain stale, Syles can supply and install advanced ventilation systems (HVR) that will freshen the air and remove the excess humidity.

Syles are specialist in designing and installing customer-specific heating systems and they provide a variety of cooling options including a selection of ductless air-conditioning units. And in these times of rising energy costs, their professional on-site evaluations will guide their experienced technicians in designing high-efficiency systems that can reduce energy costs without sacrificing our personal comforts.

Equally important, especially for people with allergies or health issues, installing, replacing and maintaining HVAC systems are vital and necessary public services. Not only are these services a normal part of Syles day to day business but as an involved community member, the entire staff at Syles Mechanical are quick to respond in times of urgent needs. After the recent locally damaging tornadoes and floods, these conscientious professionals were soon working with other contractors and restoration companies helping people and businesses (their neighbours and friends) get their lives back to normal.

No, it is not often we concern ourselves with the unseen mechanics, plumbing and electrical systems in our homes, offices and places of business. We don’t worry about such things until they stop working – which is usually right when we need them most – or when we need to replace these major appliances and then, without hot water or airconditioning or lights or heat, some of us are ready to push the panic button and evacuate!

Relax, for 50 years the Lesperance family, with their respected partners and business allies have provided for all their customer’s wants and needs. Offering a complete range of services for electrical, plumbing, heating and HVAC systems, Syles Mechanical Services Ltd. has extensive experience (commercial and residential) in new construction, renovations, restorations and troubleshooting, which includes 24/7 emergency responders – fully trained and qualified technicians, familiar with all the major manufacturers – standing by, ready to come to our aid before our lives become more miserable.

50 years ago an intrepid Sylvio Lesperance Sr. saw in himself the ability to succeed in trade he had mastered and he pursued his ambitions with respect and integrity. He built a company steeped in traditional values and with a moral obligation to be an involved a member of the community. All the while he formed enduring partnerships and garnered a revered reputation for the quality of his work and his ever accommodating commitment to his customers. And Sylvio saw in his son, the new generation with progressive thoughts and future plans as the one to continue the legacy.

So much has changed in 50 years, business have come and gone and some have evolved, none more perhaps than Syles Mechanical Services Ltd. but what has not changed is the tangible value they place on their new and loyal customers and the close relationships they maintain with local business and suppliers. They are justifiably proud of their past but Sylvio Jr. and Grant Higginbottom along with the entire Syles family are equally proud to look forward to see what can yet be achieved and to continue to serve their customers for the next 50 years.

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